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Speeding up acquisition integration

Apolinar Impact Story - Junior Adventures Group

Our Work


Leading Australian after-school care provider Junior Adventures Group acquired the sKids business in New Zealand. As part of the acquisition, they needed onsite support to integrate sKids into the wider group.

The fast-approaching end of the financial year created the additional pressure of an impending deadline, while the requirements spanned people, processes, and technology.

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The Results

  • Cutover was achieved in time for the end of the financial year.

  • The internal team were coached on new and better business processes and systems.


How we did it

Working closely with Junior Adventures Group as an extension of their team, we:


  1. Reviewed the current technology stack and vendors.

  2. Conducted individual stakeholder interviews.

  3. Analysed the technology platform, including its architecture and code.

  4. Assessed business systems and tools, and recommended changes.

  5. Reviewed the existing business process and recommended changes.

  6. Placed a senior Apolinar team member onsite to oversee the integration programme.

  7. Provided change support for the sKids team throughout the transition.



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